23June, 2017

Rosmorport has chosen Y-Packet for VTMS

FSUE "Rosmorport" is one of the largest vessel owners of technical and icebreaking fleet, and is proactively implementing the program of its development. The set of diesel-electrical icebreakers of the enterprise secured to the enterprise on the basis of economic control rights consists of 29 vessels of different engine power, which is the biggest icebreaking fleet in the world.

This year Rosmorport has chosen Youncta's Y-Packet for the vessel tracking management system solution.

The main tasks of the enterprise is provision of navigation safety in seaport water areas and their approaches, efficient usage of federal property and the development of port infrastructure.

Youncta fully used the chance to demonstrate all possibilities of Y-Packet in act. Moreover, Youncta guarantee all necessary services to meet the customers requirement.

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