30Aug, 2017

Y-Packet 2 nLOS: the new radio of our age

The growing popularity of mobile phones, tables, laptops and other devices creates an increase in demand for mobile data. According to Level Data Analytics, more than 2.5 Exabytes are produced every day. However, there is plainly not enough network capacity to carry that data.

One of the main reasons for the problem is the limited supply of wireless spectrum. Finding new sources of licensed wireless spectrum is an involved and lengthy process, often requiring legislative reform that could take years to implement.

Here is where Youncta offers a new radio solution - Y-Packet 2 nLoS.

Y-Packet 2 nLoS is a long-distance radio that saves the most important resources of our age - money and time.

Y-Packet 2 nLoS operates at frequency bands 2 & 4L/U GHz, and is capable of supporting up to 1.2 Gbps of traffic, full-duplex.

One more feature is the unique "Touchless Configuration" mobile app. It is based on NFC communication betweent the Y-Packet 2 and a smartphone. With the "Touchless Configuration" app, network operators can apply equipment configuration by just putting their mobile phone close to the NFC receiver, embedded in the Y-Packet 2 cover. Configuration settings will be written on the system, so that in a "touch" it will be provisioned and ready for installation.

This radio type was specially made for our brazilian partner within 4 months only. Learn more about the case "Radio link equipment for Telefonica"

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