15May, 2017

Youncta presents its unique Touchless Configuration

The microwave network deployment is lengthy and complex?

You need to visit many sites? The configuration prone to errors? Skilled technicians are required to complete the setups?

Youncta is going to solve all your problems at one stroke. We are glad to introduce you the second to none Touchless Configuration ! This mobile Application is an affordable all-in-one solution for our dearest customers. Based on NFC communication, it allows a quick provisioning of your microwave network

How it works:

  1. Download and install the "Touchless Configuration" app on your phone
  2. The embedded NFC reader makes the phone interacting with the ODU, even when it is not powered!
  3. Your phone reads the unique Serial Number of the ODU, then fetches its configuration from the cloud
  4. The phone "talks" to the ODU and applies the configuration to the radio

We keep focus on new features enhancing flexibility, scalability, energy saving and OPEX reduction.

The application helps to save time and more than 25% installation costs!

Reduced Installation time? See this video! Link to video

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