ARAN Cucine is an Italian top-quality kitchen designer and manufacturer. The company also owns a Newform brand, oriented to modern design office environment. Their market is spread worldwide, with customers in Europe, Russia and the USA.

Customer goal

The company's goal was to connect 3 company buildings, on very high capacity. For this they had to run several services, including the backup of sensitive company data.


ARAN Cucine decided to approach Dataone, a big System Integrator with great experience in networks and VAS, to help them to choose the best technology, providing connectivity to their offices.

Optical fiber is evaluated, but the installation costs and deployment time are quite to the contrary. Moreover, in their urban environment, fiber deployment was not acceptable for permission and bureaucracy issues.

An optical link was also tried, but it had shown very poor performances, low throughput, and extremely unstable operation.

It was decided to use microwave equipment, and started to do site investigations in terms of possible interferences, radio link distances, transmitted / received power. The Customer was not satisfied with the expensive license fees, so they decided to go with unlicensed 17 and 24 GHz radios.

Youncta's solution

Youncta's Y-Packet solution was adopted. As the best choice among several competitors: it proves to be the equipment with best sensitivity values and interference immunity.

The three sites were interconnected with two links. One is a 1+0 24 GHz link and the other provides 1 Gbps capacity in XPIC+RLA configuration at a frequency band of 17 GHz.

The Y-Packet is an easy-to-install equipment and demonstrate stress resistance of the system even in case of heavy data transfers. For the link monitoring, a network management system (NMS) application was needed. Youncta suggested a reliable and cost-effective solution: an open-source NMS - PRTG. The PRTG is a limited free and commercial licensed NMS for advanced monitoring tools.

Here you can find some screens of PRTG monitoring, where main operational parameters are polled and traced in dedicated charts:

Figure 1. PR17G_H_High_CS-Ammin_Main (

Figure 2. PR17G_V_High_CS-Ammin_Main (

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