Project Description

MTN Business Namibia is a part of the MTN Mobile group, which is the largest Mobile group in Africa. MTN Namibia is a company that offers world class mobile telecommunications, Internet solutions and next generation services through a reliable and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The customer goal was to overcome the excessive upstream service provisioning pricing of monthly rentals on fiber.

Figure 1.

Why Youncta?

The customer chose Youncta for the following:

  • easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI);
  • financial gains for MTN in deployment of MW against Fiber;
  • professional approach of Orange ITS and Youncta in offering the solution.
Youncta was glad to demonstrate the out of range radio - Y-Packet.

The Y-Packet is a new innovative solution which features surprise to upside. The high-performance Y-Packet enables the Internet Service Provider in the country to provide up to 1 Gbps of bidirectional data traffic. The Radio Link Aggregation system types provides doubled capacity on air. Y-Packet enables easy and quick installations in rural environments: Y-Packet is fast to be installed, its integrated mounting is quick and easy, and is the only viable way to provide connectivity in harsh regions of Namibia. This product offers best in class performances and lowest power consumption for a green but performing network.

Figure 2. Antenna at PPK

Figure 3. Antenna at WGG

Figure 4. Screenshot of 1 ODU


Y-Packet 14GHz becomes a very good option to improve the services portfolio for:

  • Quick and easy deployment;
  • High Capacity Backhaul;
  • Carrier class corporate customers;
  • Public services for Government remote zones;
  • LOS links with high capacity
  • And many more.

.... avoid high Capex:

  • Using bridged microwave solution;
  • Using high capacity with UHF high frequencies;
  • Not using low capacity with expensive satellite services;
  • And more.

.... avoid high Opex:

  • Using many units to control;
  • Using multitude of ODU's to deploy, operate and maintain network;
  • Using services when you don't have the full control.

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