With consumer demand for fast internet at various levels, ISPs are looking for more efficient ways to meet demand on favourable terms. One of our main challenges is to find solution to customer specific problems, on a case-by-case basis. That is why Youncta also offers license-free radios, with NFC support for smart provisioning of microwave networks.

Equipment that is easy to configure and deploy just in two ticks!

Youncta's Y-Packet 2 and Y-Haul help you successfully overcome all the difficulties and achieve new peaks on the path for excellence.


Y-Packet 2

Y-Packet 2 is designed to enable service providers to deliver voice and premium data services. As a high capacity solution, it helps to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce costs, while facilitating the transition to full-packet networks. Conceived with full-outdoor approach, it covers frequency range from 6 to 38 GHz, in Licensed and Unlicensed (17 and 24 GHz) bands. It has been developed with an aim to be easy to configure, manage and monitor.


The new generation of UHF/VHF point-to-point wireless communication system. It provides TDM and Ethernet data transmitting over incredible long-range distances. Y-Haul can operate over long hops with nLOS conditions. Y-Haul is the preferred choice to construct rural area's communication lines.

Cases:Y-Packet for Namibia MTN

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