Utility operators have a unique set of communications requirements to ensure a high performing operation. Every day they face on their way obstacles that are difficult to cope with alone. Youncta understands the mission critical factors and communication problems of the utilities. We know how important it is to provide customers with basic utilities with due regard to proper infrastructure and control.



Y-Packet is the preferred choice of mobile operators for any application. High modulation types, wide channel bandwidth, adaptive modulation feature, different radio protection options even with space diversity, full IP/MPLS stack support and all of these with low CAPEX and OPEX — this is all you need for a reliable network.


Y-Split is a split-mount radio that delivers high transmit output power and provides lowest cost of ownership. The optical IDU-ODU interfaces avoid interference and protect from direct lightning strikes. Y-Split supports all up-to-date features to simultaneously handle TDM and Ethernet traffic.


The new generation of UHF/VHF point-to-point wireless communication system. It provides TDM and Ethernet data transmitting over incredible long-ange distances. Y-Haul can operate over long hops with nLOS conditions. Y-Haul is the preferred choice to construct rural area's communication lines.

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