Mobile & Telecom

The increasing complexity of today's and future networks require flexible and well-integrated PtP connections. We always do our best to provide our customers the most up-to-date solution, suitable for any network scenario such as traffic congestion, packet availability, and delay restrictions.

  • Full IP/MPLS stack support
  • Equipment for 3G & 4G networks

You are interested in centralized full-featured NMS, interface and network protection, synchronization distribution?
Our Y-Packet 2 and Y-Split is a product that you can rely on.


Y-Packet 2

Y-Packet 2 is designed to enable service providers to deliver voice and premium data services. As a high capacity solution, it helps to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce costs, while facilitating the transition to full-packet networks. Conceived with full-outdoor approach, it covers frequency range from 6 to 38 GHz, in Licensed and Unlicensed (17 and 24 GHz) bands. It has been developed with an aim to be easy to configure, manage and monitor.


Y-Split is a split-mount radio that delivers high transmit output power and provides lowest cost of ownership. The optical IDU-ODU interfaces avoid interference and protect from direct lightning strikes. Y-Split supports all up-to-date features to simultaneously handle TDM and Ethernet traffic.


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