Discover how the "Touchless Configuration" works

Youncta offers his customers the new and unique "Touchless Configuration" mobile app! It is based on NFC communication betweent the Y-Packet 2 and a smartphone. With the "Touchless Configuration" app, network operators can apply equipment configuration by just putting their mobile phone close to the NFC receiver, embedded in the Y-Packet 2 cover. Configuration settings will be written on the system, so that in a "touch" it will be provisioned and ready for installation. This is how the "Touchless Configuration" works:

  • Network opertor can assign all equipment parameters, for each ODU, in his office
  • All configurations can be saved, in the cloud or on customer premises
  • All the ODUs are sent to their installation sites, to be provisioned in the microwave network
  • At installation site, the technician will run the "Touchless Configuration" app and put the smartphone close to the NFC receiver: the smartphone will read the Serial Number, and will uniquely identify the ODU
  • Once identified the ODU, the app will download the configuration from the cloud or customer server, and apply to equipment
  • It is not necessary to power on the ODU to communicate with the NFC, so the Serial Number can be read, and the configuration can be applied, with the ODU not even powered on!
  • Any personnel, even not skilled, can be sent to site. Only installation task shall be accomplished, as the ODU has been provisioned in a while by means of the "Touchless Configuration" mobile app