Network management system Y-NMS!

Network Management System Y-NMS is directed to a carrier class network management built upon the SNMP protocol. The Y-NMS can be installed, both on a dedicated server and on cloud, allowing you to manage networks of unlimited scale. With Y-NMS every piece of equipment communicates with your computer system which is a perfect solution if you´ll be dealing with several computers at more than one location.

  • Status tracking and radio setting control.
  • Network status analysis: error detection, incorrect setting detection.
  • SNMP support.
  • Secure VPN server connection, in a closed network.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Real-time monitoring.

Three Reasons to Choose Y-NMS:

1.Save Money - you do not need to hire several IT-specialists monitoring each network at every location. One manager at a single location will be enough to ensure a safe and reliable network.

2.Save Time - The Y-NMS operates on the basis of a touchless configuration. What does it mean? Forget about visiting many sites to complete setups. The Y-NMS makes the phone interacting with the outdoor equipment even unplugged. Your phone fetches the ODU configuration from the cloud and configures everything you desire.

3.Increase Productivity - With Y-NMS you can monitor all aspects of your office network including hardware and software. The Installation on cloud increases the failure safety and system availability. This installation also allows you to monitor network of all sizes. There is no data loss or productivity slowdown.