• Y-Packet 2
    Air capacity up to 590 Mbps, full-duplex, as 1+0 configuration
    "Touchless Configuration" mobile app for smart provisioning
  • Y-Trunk
    Mw radio for harsh environments
    Best long-haul all-indoor: easy to maintain, tenacity all round
  • Y-Packet 2 nLos
    Cover long distances in near Line of Sight operation
    Air capacity up to 600 Mbps, full-duplex traffic

Dive into the world of innovative radio communication

YOUNCTA is an international company that has an eye for modern trends in the field of radioelectronics. For the years of its existence, our company has become a successful manufacturer of new generation radio equipment of European quality and gained recognition among the world's largest telecommunications companies

Y-Packet 2
Innovative Full Outdoor Radio

Y-Packet 2 is designed to enable service providers and enterprise network operators to deliver voice and premium data services. As a high capacity solution, it helps to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce costs, while facilitating the transition to full-packet networks. Conceived with full-outdoor approach, it covers frequency range from 6 to 38 GHz, in Licensed and Unlicensed (17 and 24 GHz) bands. It has been developed with an aim to be easy to configure, manage and monitor.

  • Full outdoor approach, in any configuration: 1+0, 2+0 XPIC and/or RLA, 1+1 HSB
  • Full Ethernet microwave radio, for network modernization
  • The GPS onboard can geo-reference the equipment on a map. If removed without authorization from installation site, it is able to lock transmission
  • Remote assistance on equipment can be activated with the click of a button: a secure tunnel to device will be established with zero configuration efforts
  • Touchless Configuration mobile App dramatically reduce installation complexity and costs. It allows setting equipment parameters with the touch of a smartphone, when the ODU is even un-powered! The App reads the Serial Number, fetches the configuration from the cloud and applies it to the radio

Y-Packet 2 nLoS
Long-haul communication

Y-Packet 2 is the new Youncta nLoS 2 & 4L/U GHz radio, capable of supporting up to 1.2 Gbps full-duplex traffic. Conceived as Full Outdoor, it can be powered by PoE injector or 48 VDC

  • Air capacity up to 600 Mbps, in 1+0 configuration
  • Spans large distances, up to 80 km
  • Anti-theft: to secure installation sites, the GPS records equipment position, and is able to lock transmission in case it is removed from site without authorization
  • Electrical and optical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces available
  • "Touchless Configuration" mobile app for smart provisioning

Long-haul High Capacity

Y-Trunk is capable of supporting up to 3.6 Gbps of aggregate data traffic. It provides up to 8 RF channels in one sub-rack chassis, supporting 1024QAM; it gives operators a great advantage in achieving higher link capacity. Y-Trunk can transport any mix of E1, STM1, and Ethernet, so we support any kind of network: Legacy TDM, Hybrid and pure Packet. This makes the equipment the best choice for operators to migrate towards all-IP networks.

  • Full range ITU-R frequencies: 4L/U, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 11 GHz
  • 16QAM to 1024QAM for longer hops and/or increased capacity
  • Hybrid Ethernet/IP and/or TDM/E1/STM1 operation supports legacy networks
  • Electrical and optical (MM, SM) Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces available
  • Low-risk, cost effective migration path from TDM to Hybrid, to all-IP
  • High MTBF design and manufacture for ultra-reliability

Split mount radio

Y-Split is Youncta's split-mount radio that delivers high transmit output power across multiple frequency bands, starting from 2GHz up to 38 GHz. Optical IDU-ODU interfaces avoid interference and protect from direct lightning strikes. Supports all up-to-date features to simultaneously handle TDM and Ethernet traffic.

  • Frequency bands from 2GHz up to 38 GHz
  • 16QAM to 1024QAM
  • Reliable, scalable and upgradeable for low CAPEX and OPEX
  • High MTBF design and manufacture for ultra-reliability
  • Low-risk, cost-effective migration path from TDM to Hybrid, to all-IP

nLOS compact VHF radio

Y-Haul is a new generation of UHF/VHF point-to-point wireless communication systems. It provides TDM and Ethernet data transmitting over incredible long-range distances, supporting up to 29 Mbps of aggregate data traffic. Y-Haul operates over long hops even in nLOS conditions. Compared with dish antennas, Y-Haul's antennas are very light weight and have almost no wind load.

There are two modes available: FDD and TDD. Y-Haul FDD can transport any mix of E1 and Ethernet, while Y-Haul TDD is pure Ethernet. Y-Haul FDD can be configured for 1+0 nonprotected, 2+0 non-protected, 1+1 protected and 1+1 (for critical) / 2+0 (for best effort) modes.

  • Frequency range: 300-700 MHz
  • QPSK to 64QAM for longer hops and/or increased capacity
  • Different channel bandwidth: 1.75-12 MHz
  • Fast Ethernet for Y-Haul TDD and Fast Ethernet plus E1 for Y-Haul FDD Interfaces available

Digital Satellite Demodulator

The Y-Space was primarily developed as an equipment for ground receiving stations of Earth remote sensing systems (ERS).

An important feature of the receiver is the ability to work with satellites, which are on orbits different to geostationary orbits that follow the direction of the Earth's rotation.

Highly professional
Path Loss Calculation

We can offer path Loss calculations made by experienced specialists instead of usual automatic algorithms. Provided with the GPS coordinates of the sites, Youncta's team will determine the optimal configuration of your radio links: system type, antenna size and gain, height and other general installation info, highest achievable modulation, suggested availablity, and many others



Discover what Youncta can do for you. With nearly a decade of expertise on wireless technologies, application, design and installation, Youncta is uniquely qualified to provide the right solution based on your technical and business requirements. Our R&D team is ready to guide you run your network with professional services, and to develop for customers specific solutions

Path Loss

Youncta knows how important a reliable path loss calculation is. Provided with the GPS coordinates of the sites where the customer means to install the equipment, Youncta specialists will determine many elements of the radio communications system, in order to guarantee best availablity for the MW links, and at the same time exploit maximum bandwidth and capacity on air

Product customization

We give you the ability to customize the products you purchase. You need special equipment for your network? The technical specifications should be fine-tuned? The product shall have a tailor-made management system? All this is possible, and we are ready to do this. We don't stop until every individual moment in the spotlight is delivered. Learn more...

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Y-Packet 2 nLoS: the new radio of our age

The growing popularity of mobile phones, tables, laptops and other devices creates an increase in demand for mobile data

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Petha was looking for a partner to develop some specific microwave radios for attending a demand from the Brazilian market, whose frequencies required were not available anywhere due to their specifics for our local market. Youncta proved to be the right partner and a partnership contract was signed aiming the development of a couple of new frequencies within the Y-Packet family. Since then (Nov. 2015), I’m working with Youncta’s team to develop our partnership and business, in close collaboration with the technical and the commercial guys. Petha has chosen Youncta as a partner based on its technology and commercial focused skills, as well as on its believes on the Brazilian market and on Petha’s ability to develop the business for those radios...

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